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About us

Tardigrade Tactical is a veteran owned and run design and production company founded in 2011 and based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We specialize in designing and manufacturing tactical equipment for military personnel and law enforcement officers. Our portfolio of designs and our general capacity in product development spans from pouches for munitions and electronics, to complete systems for government agencies, military units, law enforcement departments, and individuals throughout many different operational fields.


Because of our military background, deployments to the Middle East, knowledge of the modern operators way of life and professional careers, we are able to get input and feedback from an extensive network of operators to improve our products.

The end-user in focus

Due to the ever changing threat towards military personnel and law enforcement officers, our philosophy is to design innovative solutions that improve on the operator’s performance by including and staying loyal to the human factor and the mindset behind the tactics applied. We know what it’s like to use the gear we develop and are field testing the products ourselves. We aim to avoid ”one size fits all” solutions, as they tend to fit no one at all. We believe that product designed for the operator using the gear downrange, will fit more operators than the ”one size fits all” solution ever will. That being said, we are very conscious about how units and departments work and are able to incorporate our philosophy about design, in wide spanning solutions meant for a wide range of different users, with different functions.

Uncompromised quality

We use only military grade materials in our products and take pride in only producing superior combat equipment. On this, we will never compromise! We are focused on combining the concept of ”lightweight” and ”high durability” to one complete product. A product that can be used by the modern operator in various environments around the globe, for longer deployments and domestic training. We know combat and we know what works downrange.


For custom work, retailer information, sales and general information:

Email: info@tardigradetactical.dk

Birk Anton Knudsen
Founder and CEO
Telf.: +45 2921 7370
Frederik H. Thomsen
Head of Logistics and Client Services
Telf.: +45 2980 7391

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